Super Hoe

Super Hoe

About Super Hoe

The Super Hoe is something new that can be found on the Serbian market. Patented in 1996, the Super Hoe is ideal for cultivating your gardens, fields, orchards and vineyards. It is ideal for all of your organic gardening needs. The Super Hoe can be used in food production without the use of pesticides or herbicides, for weed control between the rows, as well as many other garden uses.

Working width:  21 cm
Roller diameter:  7 cm
Weight:  0.850 kg 

The Super Hoe chops down weeds while breaking up soil to ensure that moisture is maintained in the soil. The Super Hoe roller breaks up hard soil that is caused by heavy rainfall ensuring that the crop is preserved and maintains normal crop development.
Super Hoe
Super Hoe

Key benefits of the Super Hoe

  1. No heavy lifting or hitting the ground as by conventional garden hoes,
  2. The garden hoe is simply self-propelled, just puts on pre-treated dryish soil and push forward and backward, without much bending your back.
  3. Minimal effort for maximum results, like 3-4 conventional garden hoes
  4. Rollers that chop soil and thereby improve crop yields.
  5. Have a sharp steel knife that enters into the ground and removes weeds from the roots.
Proven tests have demonstrated that the Super Hoe saves effort and time and back-breaking labor. Purchase the Super Hoe directly with us! Click here to see a video of how our amazing Super Hoe works!!!

Selling of the Super Hoe

We are not selling wooden part for Super Hoe. We are making and selling metal part of Super Hoe, only. Wooden part for Super Hoe should have dimensions 3 cm x 160 cm.

Super Hoe price

For a limited time only we are offering the Super Hoe for the low introductory price of only 15 Euro + costs of delivery.

To place your order please contact our sales representative by cell +381616074367 or Skype ID supermotikasuperhoe.

ZR "Pavković" Kljajicevo, Serbia